Roof Leaks & Repairs

Leaks often occur with single-ply and built-up roof systems because it’s hard to completely seal joints, fasteners, and seams. 40% of these conventional roofs have serious problems within 1 year. And, when leaks occur, it is very difficult to pinpoint the problem location. Quik-Shield spray foam roof systems create a seamless, monolithic surface. Spray foam provides self-flashing around HVAC curbs, vents, and skylights, adding additional protection against leaks, moisture, and air infiltration.

  • 97.6% of spray foam roofs do not leak at an average of 10 years
  • No mechanical fasteners or seams
  • Often, spray foam systems can be applied over existing problem roof
  • Easy to apply proper slope to drain without any additional cost of labor and materials
  • Minimizes ponding

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