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Economic Advantage

Your selection of roofing system can help you realize cost saving benefits that will reduce time and money dedicated to repairs, maintenance and daily operation. Spray foam roofing systems are the best choice to lower maintenance expenses because while many roofing systems require replacement after damage has occurred, spray foam roofing system repair is easy and affordable. Hail damage, water damage and leaks are all easily repaired. A simple recoating of your existing spray foam roof, in most cases, leads to like-new performance and produce little to no tenant disruption. All of these factors combine to produce a significant impact on the life cycle cost of your spray foam roof.

                                                                                                           Source: Michelsen Technologies, 2004

Perfomance Advantage                                                                                       

Spray foam roofing systems are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Foam roof systems provide the strongest wind uplift resistance available, including protection from Gale force winds. Also, spray foam roofing systems are are less penetrable than other roofing systems and, because of the rigid, closed-cell design, more resistant to impact. This means that you can rest assured that in the midst of a large storm, your roofing system will stand firm and your building will be protected.

Operating Advantage

Energy expenses are unavoidable and can be costly. With a spray foam roofing system however, heating and cooling costs can be significantly reduced. Many roof systems are ineffective in blocking the transfer of air due to their low insulating properties. Cool air can escape the building during the summer months and warm air can escape during winter months. The result of both is an increase in energy costs and over compensation by heating and AC units. Arithane spray foam roofs prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer giving you lower energy costs.

Arithane provides a “no worry” roofing system for every budget Spray foam roof systems require little maintenance and withstand even the harshest conditions. Arithane's roof systems provide you with peace of mind, cost savings and will outlast other roofing systems.



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