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Roof Maintenance


When was the last time you walked your roofs?  If you do not have a scheduled spring and fall inspection with a minimum of cleaning roof surfaces, drains and gutters, your roofing system could be in trouble. Over 90% of roof leaks and system failures occur at the roof detail; a wall, metal edges, drains, and other roof-mounted equipment. Proper identification of these problems in a timely manner is essential to preventing replacement and extending the life of your roof.


Begin your roof maintenance program by


  • Retaining a record of your roof’s maintenance services with your contractor and a second copy up on the roof (out of the weather in a roof hatch, for example).

  • Keeping a checklist of conditions to look for during inspections and creating a reference file outlining what was and was not observed.

  • Scheduling routine inspections and maintenance work to prolong the life of your roof system and, reveal areas that have the potential to create costly repairs if not corrected.

Arithane now offers a 40-point inspection to ensure proper care and maintenance of your roofing system. Your inspection comes with a customized report detailing our annual maintenance recommendations based on your unique roofing needs.


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