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Foam Roof Advantages

Arithane spray foam roof systems provide value, durability and cost savings that no other roofing system can offer. Spray foam roof systems are the best roofing systems because they are

Energy Efficient-- The superior insulation properties of spray foam combined with reflective coatings reduce summer roof temperatures, solar heat gain, and winter radiant heat loss. This leads to a reduction in energy costs due to heating and cooling.

Strong and Durable-- Recent Miami-Dade testing has proven that spray foam roofing systems can increase roof deck wind uplift resistance by more than three times. Spray foam roof systems are designed to resist rain, harsh weather, and ultraviolet rays.

Lightweight-- Foam roofing systems are about 1/3rd of the weight of conventional roofing systems while delivering a strength-to-weight ratio greater than that of prefabricated sheet roofing.



Easy to Maintain-- Because of the closed-cell formulation of the polyurethane foam, leak repairs are quick and easy. Arithane recommends periodic re-coating of our 100% acrylic elastomeric formula to ensure the greatest life cycle. Your foam roof will provide decades of service at a fraction of the cost. 

Resistant to Heat Flow-- Arithane's foam roof systems offer the best "R" value of any conventional insulation or roofing membrane material. When applied above the substrate, our foam roof systems reduce thermal expansion, contractions, and help eliminate underside condensation.

Seamless and Monolithic-- Foam roofing systems are “sprayed-in-place”, therefore, bear no joints, seams, or fasteners. There is also no need for counter flashing in most cases.  Additionally, thermal shorts are eliminated as well as the chance for leaks and cracks.


Arithane Advantages

At Arithane, our track record speaks for itself. With over 100 million square feet of spray foam roofing systems installed in the southwest, we have the most experienced applicators in the industry. Our technicians remain up-to-date on the latest industry training and technology and maintain an outstanding safety record in our facilities and on the jobsite. Arithane’s knowledgeable estimating staff will provide a tailored plan for your unique project.


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