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Investment Grade Roofing

Spray foam roofing systems are more than just a roof, they are your opportunity to realize a positive impact on your total building and design budget. Spray foam roofing is considered investment grade roofing because it allows developers to add value to any project by creating significant value engineering opportunities, opportunities for LEED  points and low life cycle costs.

Because each project is unique, we will work with your architects and engineers to incorporate the latest building science into your project. The goal - maximize your building's performance.

Spray foam roof systems maximize building performance because they reduce operational costs in other areas of your budget. They also provide  higher insulation values than other roofing systems which keeps warm and cool air from escaping through the roof.

According to a Honeywell article titled “Insulation Energy Savings”, “More than 60 percent of commercial-building energy use is attributable to losses through walls, foundations and roofs   due to air infiltration or exfiltration” (read more here). Additionally, Texas A&M University concluded that, “the energy savings realized from a spray foam roofing system paid back the initial investment within 4.5 years”.


Spray foam roofing systems offer a distinct advantage over other roofing systems because they add value  to any project by reducing the life cycle costs (costs of maintaining and repairing your roof throughout the life.) Spray foam roofing systems offer the lowest life cycle costs available and the benefits begin the moment your roof is installed.

                                                                                     Source: Michelsen Technologies, 2004


Whether  you are looking for a retrofit application or a new construction roof, our spray foam system is the right choice. Arithane will customize our recommendation to match your needs and budget.



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