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Spray-applied foam roof systems include new SWD 125 polyurethane foam with non-ozone depleting HFC 245fa blowing agent that meets U.S. EPA and International Montreal Protocol requirements. “Energy Star” & CRRC listed Solar Reflectance and Thermal Emittance rated coatings, cover the polyurethane foam to protect the foam from U.V. rays and complete the energy-saving roof system. Spray-applied wall and tank insulation, spray-on linings and custom applications are also available from Arizona Foam & Spray, in business since 1969.

Arizona Foam and Spray polyurethane foam systems are perfect for homes, schools, supermarkets & shopping centers, offices & factories, government & municipal buildings, apartments & condominiums and residences. AFS has been spray-applying new and retrofit coated foam roof systems on commercial and residential buildings for 35 years offering only the best product and one-source warranties between manufacturer, applicator and customer.

AFS also offers spray-applied insulating foams on meat & dairy freezers, walk-in beverage & produce coolers, cold processing, storage, wine & oil tanks, silos & custom applications.

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