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Coating Applications

Arithane uses advanced coating materials with state-of-the-art application technologies to provide coating solutions to meet all of your material protection and maintenance needs. Our coatings provide UV-resistance, waterproofing, and protection from impact, abrasion, and corrosion. Our coatings are recommended for use on multiple materials including polyurethane foam, wood, concrete, metal, plastics, and most other existing conventional roofs.

We provide a coating for every application, from Energy Star certified to custom colored. Our 100% acrylic coatings have a solar reflectance rate of 82% and a thermal emissivity rate of 91%. Acrylic coatings have also been shown to maintain over a 70% reflectance rate up to three years after spray installation. When applied on a low slope roof, The U. S. Department of Energy estimates that reflective roof coatings can reduce energy bills substantially. Use the Roof Savings Calculator to determine your individual energy savings. Energy Star compliant roof products provide protection, energy savings, and confidence.



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