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Structural Integrity

Because of the closed-cell formulation of spray polyurethane foam, the buildings you design will have excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Closed-cell sprayfoam provides water proofing protection and wind uplift resistance that you won’t find with other systems. According to an article published by Honeywell titled “Severe Weather and Closed-Cell Spray Foam”, roof deck failure creates an entry point for the elements to wreak havoc resulting in total loss of property and contents 80% of the time. This is a startling statistic that warrants the best protection available― a sprayfoam roofing system.

Sustainable Solution

Expansion and contraction are of primary concern in today’s building world. Expert architects should be well-informed of the best building technologies available to reduce the problems that can occur over the life of the building. Spray foam roofing systems provide a flexible protection from your building that can withstand normal expansion and contraction without damage or loss of performance. Professionally installed roofing systems from Arithane virtually eliminate repair costs down the road due to structural settling leading to cost effective performance year after year. Spray foam roofing systems are also much lighter than other roofing systems available, giving you flexibility you won't find elsewhere.

Spray foam roofing systems provide a durable roofing system and effective air barrier in one. Because the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) now requires the use of air barriers it is important to stay up to date on the latest technology to achieve a proper barrier while keeping material costs low. A spray foam roofing system will decrease air movement through the building, cutting down on energy costs and increasing sustainability.

Design Assist

Design Assist from Arithane allows you to get the most out of your spray foam roof system. Our experts provide valuable knowledge about LEED point structures, local code compliance and building operating costs. We will help you design and implement custom solutions for any design need.


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